Girls Want Pearls: Take Your Pearl Necklace Up a Notch

Welcome to the first Girls Want Pearls of 2014! I’m very excited about all the pearly posts I have in store for you for the coming year. Today’s idea is very simple but also very transformative. I’m sure some of my readers have already employed these ideas as a solution in those times when one feels bored with her accessories. I’m going to show you some easy ways to take a pearl necklace or bracelet and upcycle it with pierced and clip-on earrings, brooches and lockets. In each case I’ll show you the before and after.

Alone, this necklace is pretty and classic.
Get a more casual look by adding a vintage enamel clip-on earring. Some clip-ons work better for this than others. I had to bend/curve out the clip part of this earring to make it lay right.
Slide a locket on pearls instead of a chain to mix it up.
I love layers upon layers of long pearl strands. By themselves . . . swoon!
But sometimes we just have to embellish! For the above look, I added two clip-on earrings and a brooch.
A large brooch can be pinned on one strand or several, whatever your pin will hold.
Simple and elegant
Guess what is taking this strand to a new level? A wire hook earring! It’s just slipped over and pinched together.
Now go raid your jewelry box and see what kind of great combos you can come up with!

Next week’s hint: Stick with it
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