Girls Want Pearls: Get Organized and Stick With It!

Welcome to Girls Want Pearls! Many of us start the new year with new determination to be organized. One way to stay on track and be excited about it is to make our organizational tools pretty! Whether you have a memo station in your office or use your fridge to post notes and reminders, chances are you use magnets. I have an inspiration wall in my studio where I clip pictures that inspire me in design, as well as project ideas I want to work on some day. You know the memo board, the original, hands-on, real life pinterest?
So today I want to show you how to make a pretty pearly magnet to hold all that inspiration and organization.
I chose turquoise beads to go with my pearls, but every color in the world goes with pearl so the sky’s the limit. I wanted to make a design and a cross is super easy. I also think a fleur de lys would be pretty and not too difficult, which I just may try. This project took a little over an hour. You could cut down on the time and pearls/beads if you used a smaller styro ball or larger pearls.
Here’s what you need to make your own pearl magnet:

Start by scoring the styro ball at the halfway point, all the way around. Then with your exacto or a kitchen knife, cut the ball in half. Slice off approx. a half inch of the top rounded area to make a flat surface.

Begin placing the beads for the cross, starting with the center “intersection” bead and working out from there. If your straight pins are too long you can clip them off. As a security measure, you can dip each pin in glue before applying to the styrofoam if you wish, or apply glue to the back side and prop it upside down to let it soak in.

Fill in remaining area with pearls, working from the cross to the outer edges of the styro disc. Don’t worry if you see spaces, you can easily push and manipulate the pearls, and the more you put in, the easier it gets to “smoosh” them into place. See my little friend? She must think it’s spring!

Now just glue your magnets to the back and allow to dry.
As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments if you need me to clarify any part of the instructions. Enjoy!
Next week’s hint: Put your thinking cap on
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