Girls Want Pearls: EYE CANDY

Welcome to Girls Want Pearls! Today I have some eye candy for you. And what could be better than eye candy that involves real candy! If you like quick projects, this one will make you sing.

Just dump some pearls into your favorite candy dishes and stick in some candy for instant holiday glam.
You can add even more pearls to your holiday buffet or table with a floating candle surrounded by floating pearls. Most pearls sink, especially the glass ones, but the really light plastic ones float.
I used some floaters and some sinkers in this arrangement.
We got snow this weekend, just about an inch or so, enough to make it pretty. Did you get any where you live?
Next week’s hint: ??????
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12 thoughts on “Girls Want Pearls: EYE CANDY

  1. You’re a gem!
    Some time ago, I began collecting pearls to drape over our Christmas tree. It’ll be a while before I have enough to cover the entire tree – but why wait? You’ve inspired me so much with your pearly masterpieces.

  2. Oh Ann, I love the addition of pearls! I add pearls in things quite often, but have not thought to add it to my candy. Love it! Thanks for sharing it with Sugar and Spice Christmas party!

  3. I live in SE Wisconsin. It’s been abnormally cold here, with windchills as low as 25 below zero F. It has also been snowing off and on since November 16. I HATE this climate! I HATE snow and I HATE this nasty cold. It’s not pretty, it’s a pain in the rear-end when you have to get out and shovel it yourself at 4:30 a.m. in order to be able to walk down to the road from your porch and get to the bus stop by 7:30 a.m. If I want pretty snow scenes I’ve only to look at the glittery Christmas scenes on the greeting cards I receive. For real life, dead grass and bare pavement are fine for me, just fine, thank you. I DO love pearls. Haven’t thought about using them as you have. How cool and beautiful. I have pearls on my Christmas tree. I want to add more. My pearl necklaces and rings are my favorite things. Have you ever been to a Mikimoto store, OHMY! Real or faux, I love them all :) Your pearl-drenched decorations are decadent and mouth-watering.

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