Emerald Green and Blond Curly Lamb for Christmas

I have a confession to make. I’m a coat-a-holic. I have a lot lot of vintage coats, none of which I paid more than $25 for. So, many of my outfit posts for the next several weeks will feature coats.
This is my second newest find. I bought this faux curly lamb coat at the flea market this past summer. Imagine a miserably hot day in August and a very, very heavy coat that had to be tried on. Well, I did it for the sake of fashion! I knew I would be glad I did when winter weather rolled around. I love the blond color and the texture, not to mention the incredible warmth.
My hubbs finds it amusing to take abnormally close up shots, so I’m humoring him in the above pic.

This one-of-a-kind necklace is available on my website and can ship before Christmas!
{Vintage Faux Curly Lamb Coat: Borre $25} {Fringe Skirt: Artistic Works by Lu $38}
{Green Sweater: Worthington last year} {Emerald Green Necklace: Tarnished Royalty HERE}

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10 thoughts on “Emerald Green and Blond Curly Lamb for Christmas

  1. Stopping by from Style Sessions! Coats are definitely a necessity this time of the year for outfit posts! This coat is great, it looks so warm!

    <3 Vicki

  2. I never look at clothes at estate sales. I know that vintage clothing is really hot right now. Think I’d better start looking! Cute, and love the necklace! Merry Christmas!

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