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GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Swine and Pearls Don’t Mix

Welcome to this Monday’s
Girls Want Pearls!
“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” Matt 7:6
In other words, everyone may not see the beauty in things your beautiful soul sees. While thinking about how to best illustrate this scripture, I came up with
2 fanciful versions
2 practical ones.

Imagine giving pigs tickets to a runway show and asking them to critique the fashion.
source,modification mine; source

It would not only be absurd, it would be a waste of perfectly good seats.
It would be equally absurd to adorn pigs in the mire with pearls.
source,modification mine
Have you ever shared something near and dear to your heart with someone only to have them scoff or seem uninterested? If you have, you have probably learned to pick and choose carefully
who you share your dreams and secrets with.
I have strong moral and political views but I don’t share them on facebook where they will get trampled and become a magnet for all sorts of uninformed opinions and comments.
On a lighter note, it would be comical for me to conduct a tutorial with a group of men on how to make a pearl necklace anything. Now I’m not saying that men are swine, I would NEVER say that.
But would it kill them to pick up their dirty socks once in a while?
Just kidding, I love and respect my man. And I know that there are men that create lovely jewelry.

I think it’s about finding your audience. We all have different people in our lives that we connect with in different ways. And there will be the occasional “swine” to deal with.
When that happens, just hold onto your pearls until the squealing stops.
Next week’s hint: Cheers!
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There’s No Place Like Home

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I love to see all the creative costumes and “fashion” don’t you?
We had a lot of kids come to our door with darling costumes
but my favorites of course were those of my own grandchildren.
The Lion
and Tin Man
My daughter did a great job on the costumes, I’m so proud of her and her family.
I know I’m partial but who could resist that face?!

Can’t believe it’s November!
Talk soon,
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