Happy Veteran’s Day and
Welcome to week 14 of Girls Want Pearls!
This week’s idea is a great gift idea that is much easier than it looks. You know the parties we all have coming up with family and friends for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s? Well, if you aren’t hosting, and you want to take a hostess gift to show your appreciation for the one who is, I’ve got you covered. A bottle of wine or sparkling cider is a classic gift which in and of itself is appropriate and adequate. But if you want to take it up a notch, a piece of bottle jewelry will do just that.  
Here’s what you’ll need:
8 wine corks
loose pearls of various sizes
strand of pearls or ribbon of your choosing
straight pins
Start by cutting your styrofoam into a 1 to 1 1/2 inch circle (start larger and pare down from there) making it the same height as your corks when they are laid on their side. Arrange your corks around the outer circumference to make sure they fit but don’t attach yet; adjust the styro size as needed.
Attaching the ribbon or pearl hanger:

Measure out enough pearls or ribbon to form the hanger, making sure that it will lay on the neck of the bottle and stop where you want it to. If your pearls have a clasp, you will use that to attach to the styro, otherwise you’ll need to wrap your pearl strand or ribbon with a medium guage wire at each end. Generously dot the clasp pieces or wire-wrapped ends with glue and push into the styrofoam at the point that will be your “top”. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Attaching the corks:

Place glue generously on one end of each cork. Attach to styro circle one at a time and allow to dry. Don’t worry about being neat with the glue, it will all be covered later. For added stability, you can add a straight pin at the connection point, pushed in at an angle.

Attaching the pearls:

Place your largest pearl in the center of the styro circle and attach with a straight pin. Attach pearls with pins, one at a time around the center pearl. Continue in circles until you have expanded all the way to the cork edge and beyond. I used larger pearls towards the center and graduated to smaller ones on the outer edge. Fill in with small pearls anywhere you have “holes.”

You’re done and ready for your next party! Your hostess will love you! When it’s not being bottle jewelry it can transition into an ornament for her tree. Pretty great, huh?
Ask away if you have any questions or if I can clarify my instructions!

Next week’s hint: A Winning Hand
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