Girls Want Pearls: A WINNING HAND

Welcome to Week 15 of GIRLS WANT PEARLS! where every Monday we look at pearls in a new light and get creative with wardrobe and decor using the cherished pearl.
So, you know that feeling you get when you have a party or occasion coming up and you just really want to shine? You’re feeling very girly and you want the world to know it. You want to do something super special and different but nothing drastic like coloring your hair pink. How about pearly nails?!
Have you seen the amazingly creative manicures lately?
I love to plan a few holiday outfits in advance and get creative with my combinations. You know, think outside the box and look at colors other than red and green, silver and gold that can rock the holidays. You can take the simplest (read: boring) classic pieces and make them instantly festive by adding something unexpected ~ layered on chains and pearls; sparkle in your hair, or a statement manicure. Today I want to share with my readers some fabulous nail ideas that I have gathered from around the web to inspire you.

Do you wear your nails natural on a daily basis, manicured with polish always, or polished just for special occasions? Do you polish them yourself or have them done by a professional?
Here are some tips on doing them yourself, as well as links to a video and a place to buy what you need to do your very own pearly nails.

Next week I’ll be sharing more holiday ideas.
The hint may sound wardrobe related but it’s actually a decor tip: Put A Ring On It

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