Picking Pumpkins with My Punkin

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t ever really posted about my near and dears.
I am generally a pretty private person, so I feel the need to keep parts of my life to myself. But it doesn’t seem right to not share with you some of what brings me the biggest joys in my life, family. So I have a new commitment to myself and my readers to share snippets of my personal life when relevant and appropriate.
Yesterday morning, as with most weekday mornings, I had the pleasure of having my 5 year-old grandson with me before driving him to kindergarten. We have a small pumpkin patch of baby boos and he loves to help me pick them. So we got a bucket and started picking. We filled it up, then I washed them and he dried them. Such a good little helper he is!
 These pictures were taken last year, my husband wasn’t around to snap any this time.
Whoa, my hair was so short!!
I love my punkin and my pumpkins!
Next week I’ll have a post with our baby boos as the stars.
And in the fall vein, here’s a before picture of a small wreath that I made bigger for my front door.
I’ll show you the after next week.
I hope you’re having and enjoying the beautiful fall weather where you live.
Drink it in while it’s here.
Till next time,
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