GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Whos Behind The Mask?

We all hide behind them from time to time, right? I have a “who cares” mask for when I’m embarrassed or hurt; an “I can’t see you” mask when I’m hurrying through the grocery store in a time crunch; a “confident” mask when I’m feeling intimidated or nervous. This is one time of year that it’s not only ok to put on the masks, it’s encouraged.
I’ve never been to an actual masquerade party, where everyone walks around in pseudo secret with a mask covering their eyes, but I’ve always wanted to. It seems so romantic and mysterious. Being someone else for a night and observing others, trying to guess their identity, all the while trying to obscure your own.
For now I’ll settle for greeting the trick-or-treaters with my pearly mask.
And displaying with my seasonal décor.

Now for the how-to:
Blank half mask (preferably fabric or fabric-covered)
Pearls (strands or loose)
Needle and thread
Thread your pearls onto several wire strands and lay out your design, nesting your strands one inside the other to determine how long they should be. Cut into sections, curling the ends of the wire to secure the pearls. On a surface next to your blank mask nest your strands to form the teardrop-like shapes and connect them in various places with a small piece of wire. Move grouping onto mask and stitch or glue into place. Fill in the other areas with smaller wired strands and stitch or glue.
Not Shown: Thread ribbon through the two holes on the outer side of the mask and knot. Cut to desired length for tying around your head.

Here’s a simpler version if you’re short on time.

Thank you for joining week 11 of Girls Want Pearls. If you have questions about creating this mask, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help! Next week I promise to have a quicker/easier project.
Next week’s Girls Want Pearls hint: A Fall Essential
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