GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Glamorize Your Candles

I’m a candle fanatic, as are most of my readers I would wager. I can’t think of an easier, more effective way of adding instant coziness to our homes than by lighting a candle. I light them year round, but even more in the fall and winter.
Thank you for coming by for Girls Want Pearls ~ week 12!
Last week I promised a less complicated idea and nothing could be easier than these three ways to dress your candles in pearls. The first idea doesn’t even need an explanation, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 

For another option, use your ribbon and lace scraps and get creative! Mix and match pearls, buttons, twine, chain, leather, denim, whatever you have to design your own custom candle. The possibilities are endless!

For this look I just layered on the fabrics then poked the pearls and buttons into the candle with straight pins.
Just attach your pearls in several places with straight pins, glue on the scrabble tiles and watch it glow. I added a vintage clip-on earring for extra razzle dazzle. (My letter tiles had holes drilled in them so I attached them with pins.)

Next week’s Girls Want Pearls hint: You might hear a squeal

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