Leopard, Lace and Leather

It’s a rainy Saturday here and I love it. Candles glowing, windows open and Adele singing, ahhh so inspiring! I don’t typically post on Saturday but I got behind this week fighting off a sinus infection and now I’m raring to go so I decided to share an outfit that I showed a peek of in an earlier post.

Sorry for the cheesy smile!




{Damask Skirt: Old and a gift} {Leopard top: Old and a gift} {Red belt: Body Central $1.99}{Handbag: vintage THRIFTED $3.00} {Leather and Lace Bracelet: Tarnished Royalty here } {Lace, Pearl and Cross Necklace: Tarnished Royalty here }


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4 thoughts on “Leopard, Lace and Leather

  1. Lol, first off your smile is not cheesy, it’s very nice. I like the leather and lace cuff but I can’t quit starring at the crown in your banner. I have been charged with making 6 crowns for my sweet (but sometimes rough) granddaughters and I need to incorporate fabric. I love your crown but those girls would tear that up in a day. Hummm…..

    1. Yeah, these crowns are not sturdy enough for much abuse. But maybe with a thicker or twisted wire and a nice weight fabric, something sparkly or with a lace overlay. Most importantly, something that wouldn’t show the glue too much. Thanks for your comments!

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