GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Web Design, The Other Kind (think spiders)

Happy Monday! The weather is changing and I am getting my “fall” on, how about you? I love fall and all the decorations, especially pumpkins. I don’t embrace the gory and ghoulish aspects of Halloween. I like the playfulness of the more tame Halloween décor like jack-o-lanterns, bats and spiders. So, this is as “spooky” as it gets for me. It’s time for
Girls Want Pearls and they want pearly spiders too?!
 Now for the how-to: I made the spiders using just two materials: wire and pearls. So easy!! Here’s how I did it.
Start with four pieces of wire, approx. 4 inches long for the larger spider, or 3 inches for the smaller one. The wire is a fine gauge, small enough to fit through the hole of the pearl when twisted together. Twist them in the center, four or five times to keep them together.

Thread the twisted wire through the spider’s body, a pearl approx. 3/4 inch for the larger spider, and approx. 1/2 inch for the smaller spider. Then thread your pearls onto each leg. I used 2 alternating sizes of pearls for the legs of each spider, approx. 6mm and 8mm for the larger spider and 4mm and 6mm for the smaller, but you could really use whatever size you want.

Curl the wire around at the end with a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the pearls in place. Spread out the spiders legs as you go, putting six of them towards the front and aiming one pair towards the rear. Bend each leg up at the first pearl closest to the spider’s body, then downward after the second pearl closest to his body. Bend the pearl at the end of each leg upward slightly.

Now for the head and you’re almost done. Use a pearl slightly smaller than the body, I used approx. 1/2 inch for the larger spider, and 3/8 inch for the smaller one. Just glue the head to the body using E-6000 or your fave glue.

I created the spider web too. You can see the tutorial for that here. It takes more time but it’s not too difficult. 

Next week’s Girls Want Pearls hint: Hot Coco Anyone?

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16 thoughts on “GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Web Design, The Other Kind (think spiders)

  1. Wow! Love the cheesecloth spider web – and your pearl spider – very clever! Also — super love love the glass finial for a pumpkin stem! I have several of these glass stoppers/finials, and kept them because they were pretty, but not sure what I would do with them… you have inspired me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents. Catherine

  2. Ann, I love this! This is about how ghoulie I like also. I have a diamond (faux of course) spider, but he may need a pearly friend. I love the web and can’t wait till you share how you made it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Congrats on the feature @ A Sroll Through Life….Marty is the best! I love your glam style web and spider. I don’t really do Halloween because I just don’t have the time to squeeze that in…I will tell you that if I do anything it would be something simple like your spider and web!
    I just started following you on G+ I hope you’ll follow me back! I will be posting a very “pearly” fall tablescape this week, I hope you’ll stop by to check it out!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love these web and pearl spider and I’ll make some this week for my front window. This is just charming and I have a box of pearls! Fabulous! Thank you for this tutorial.

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