Girls Want Pearls: It’s a Cinch ~ Pearl Belts

Ahhhh, it’s finally starting to feel like fall here in the midwest. We rolled out the firepit and had a campfire this weekend and it felt good! Didn’t have any marshmallows to roast though :(.
So last Monday the hint for this week’s Girls Want Pearls was It’s a Cinch…did you guess what it was?
cinch  noun  \’sinch\:  girth, restraint, belt
Okay, enough word play let’s have some fun with pearls.
Pull out those strands of pearls, long and short for an easy but sassy new belt. There are several ways one could go about creating this type of look and I will show you two. The first look uses approximately 3 necklaces and 2 open strands, depending on the lengths that you have on hand or purchase. I’m very much a mix and match kind of girl so I like to use different sizes and shades of pearls.
 Start by hooking the 3 necklaces together as shown in photo #2 . For the front you’ll use the 2 open strands, looping one through the necklace on one side and one through the necklace on the other side (see photo #1). Gather the 4 tails in the center at the fly and wrap a clear hair band around to form a tassel. Voila! Pearly belt with instant sass factor!
The second look uses one or two long single strands and a brooch. The length will be determined by your waist/hip size.
 If your strand is long enough to go around your whole waist/hips with a little to spare:
Start by placing knots in your pearls at intervals of your choosing. I placed mine roughly between each pair of belt loops. Thread strand through belt loops so that the beginning and ending of the strand meet at the fly. Connect the pearl at each end with a clear hair band. Run the pin on your brooch through the elastic band and clip closed.

If your pearl strand is not long enough, you can use two strands. Make the two strands meet in the back, wrap with a clear hair band to form a 2-tail tassel (as in the first look), OR secure with a band and brooch. Do the same in the front at the fly. Hopefully I haven’t made this confusing. Feel free to ask any questions!!

I’m having a lot of fun with this 52 week series and hope you are enjoying it too! I’ll be alternating the posts between fashion and décor with some facts and thoughts thrown in.

Next week on Girls Want Pearls: Web Design, The Other Kind (think spiders)

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11 thoughts on “Girls Want Pearls: It’s a Cinch ~ Pearl Belts

  1. Ann, this is great! So chic, classy and yet fun all at the same time. I’m seriously running up to me room right after I type this to try it out. I especially love the thought of wearing the pearls with the denim.

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