GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Don’t Blink! Photo Frame Embellishment

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, they sure do fly by don’t they! Just a couple more left till the official end of summer. I would be sad if I didn’t love fall so much.

Now, on to the fifth installment of GIRLS WANT PEARLS, 52 Mondays dedicated to the lovely pearl.
Photos are such a treasured item in every household. Moments of our lives captured for later reflection and future generations to glimpse and ponder. I love it when I go into a home and there are photos of family and friends everywhere. It lets me know just how important those relationships are and who they hold near and dear.

I must confess, I have A LOT of photos stashed away in boxes that I need to organize and place into albums. But I do have many displayed in frames around my home as well, though not near enough! I buy all my frames at tag sales, I NEVER pay retail for them because they are expensive, but so plentiful at yard sales. It’s easy to transform a boring frame by simply giving it a coat of paint.
But for those super special pictures that you really want to stand out, a pearl embellishment will do the trick.

For this first example I used two sections of tiny vintage pearls but any type will do. I did them “freehand” but if you want to you can draw your design out with pencil first. Just start with one end of the strand and glue a few pearls in place, allow to dry and coil around, gluing a few more. Don’t worry about matching the coils perfectly. Continue until your design is finished and you have a beautiful new frame.
 The second example is much simpler but still pizazzy (that’s my mama with her dolly ~ isn’t she cute?). I started by gluing a medium large single pearl in the center of the frame. Then, using two separate sections of tiny pearls I draped and attached them by gluing in a few places. Very little effort and I like the final result very much.
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