Damask and Leopard ~ OOTD Partial

Gosh, I haven’t been able to post my outfit post this week, so I’m going to make use of a girlfriend-time photo taken yesterday to share my outfit (and theirs) with you. Good friends Claudia and Kelly and I met up for coffee before a little shopping.
Kelly Littmann, Me and Claudia Gronniger 
This was my first print mixing outfit. A pretty “tame” start, don’t you think?
I’ll show a few close-ups of details in a later post.
I love that our outfits coordinate (unplanned). Claudia and I both have a leopard thing going on and Kelly and I both have some crochet lace.
Here’s to great friends and a great weekend to all!
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2 thoughts on “Damask and Leopard ~ OOTD Partial

  1. Hi Ann. Love the outfit of the three of you. Looks like a pic from a movie. Totally cute. From each of you I would steal a piece, your tee, the maxi skirt from your gf and the sandals by the lady on the left, that would make an equal cool outfit *giggle* I love the pop of red from the belt. Lovely outfit and I think the pattern mix works very well for you. You look cute and relaxed.
    have a lovely weekend

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