Runways and Bow Ties

I am a huge fan of Project Runway. I love everything about it (I could maybe do without some of the drama).
I love watching the designs evolve, shopping at Mood, the workroom, the hotel scenes, the competition, the judging, etc., etc.  Last night the designers had to incorporate bow ties into their designs.
A few years ago when I bought and sold antiques and vintage, I came across a sale that had a huge box of vintage bow ties and neck ties. I bought it for next to nothing and here is a pic of one lot that I sold on ebay.
If you look closely you’ll see some really fun(ny) prints.
Which is your fave?
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4 thoughts on “Runways and Bow Ties

  1. Is that apples and daisies that I spy on one? What a fun collection. Project runway is my friend, Ann’s favorite show. I guess the Ann’s have something in common. lol! I’ve only seen it a couple times, but liked it. I forget what channel it is on.

  2. I LOVE Project Runway. I’ve watched every season religiously. I actually dusted off my sewing machine recently and made myself a dress for the first time in years. I may even try again and “tweak” the pattern next time. The bow tie challenge was a good one, especially when they really thought out of the box.

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