GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Not Just Another Pretty Face

Today I have chosen to pearlize an object that is both practical and lovely to look at ~ the clock. I used to have a huge vintage alarm clock collection. I have sold most of them by now, but have held on to 2 or 3. They’re just so cute! They deserve to have a necklace of pearls.
You can use tiny pearls or larger ones, depending on the size of your clock and your preference. Just use E-6000 or your favorite adhesive. Pre-determine the length you need and cut your strand accordingly. Starting at any place on the face, with the clock laying on its back, glue the first couple pearls at the end of your strand. It’s easiest if you allow these to dry before continuing. Once they are dry you can glue pearls to about the half way point or quarter point and allow to dry. Continue with the final sections in the same fashion.
A word of warning: if using vintage pearls, be aware that they may eventually pull loose from their coating. Modern pearls usually have their color baked on and won’t do that. But I have used vintage pearls in lots of projects and have pretty good success with them.
Next week’s post hint: What’s a girl to DO?
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16 thoughts on “GIRLS WANT PEARLS: Not Just Another Pretty Face

  1. TIME to dress those babies up! Love, the look of pearls. I actually bought and old alarm clock at a thrift that had rhinestones all the way around it. A few were missing and I thought I would try and stick a few new ones in. Haven’t done it yet. Thinking it TIME for my clocks to get some pearls.

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